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Our Services Include:

    • Our service is aimed at assisting over indebted consumers to obtain relief by way of making proposals to the Credit Providers for the reduction of their monthly instalments.
    • The clients are able to meet their debt obligations whilst also meeting their everyday living expenses and avoid foreclosure on their properties and other assets.
    • Once an agreement has been reached with the creditors, we are required to apply for a magistrate court order based on the accepted proposal.
    • This process require monitoring of the client repayments through the National Credit Regulator’s payment distribution agencies.

    • A debt review applicant is required to have insurance cover for a credit agreement, as the majority of clients who apply already have lapsed covers.
    • The short term insurance agent will be on hand to advice on product offerings in order to ensure compliance with the National Credit Act.
    • Clients who are at the exit stage of Debt Counselling need to have learnt the necessary skills for budgeting and provision for retirement or any other eventuality.

    • As part of outreach and marketing, we will also liaise with the employee wellness divisions in corporate in order to Teach aspects of budgeting, debt management and financial planning.


Debt Counselling Process

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Debt Counseling

Advantages of Debt Review


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